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Are You Using The Right Cleanser For Your Face?

Using a suitable cleanser might be more important than you think.

Are you living an “Aging” lifestyle?

Is your skin suffering from Singapore's fast paced lifestyle?

How Well Do You Know Your Skin?

A fun "personality" test to help you gain a deeper understanding of your skin.

Is Your Skin Holding You Back?

What are the causes of adult acne and how can it be treated?

Bare Essential Care Tips

What is waxing - hair removal? What is IPL – Hair Removal?

Eyelash Extension Q&A

What Are Carragheen Lash Extensions? What is Carragheen lash extensions made out of? What do they look like and how do they feel?

Eyelash Extension Care Tips

Though eyelash extensions are easy to maintain, the first twenty-four hours are crucial for a strong bond.

Eyelash Extension Gallery

Carragheen Eyelash Extension Gallery

SkinCare Tips

Skin being the largest organ of the body acts as a protective shield from the daily exposure of harmful free radicals and responds to injuries and repairs.

Skin Rescue from the Nature

Highly effective ingredients and the relative ease of use, these concentrates are very well suited for self-treatment at home.

Shape Up From Within

Improve appearance of cellulite and stretch-marks through skin firming and eliminating the flaccidity from inside.

Brighten Up Your Peepers!

Carragheen introduces two sets of eyelash extensions, specially customized to brighten up your peepers.

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