Eye Therapy

Give your overworked peepers a luxurious and soothing therapy to restore their brightness and glow. Our eye therapies are formulated with care, to address early signs of aging and fatigue caused by environmental aggressors. 

Close your eyes, relax, and let your eyes regain their sparkle. 

Eye Kua Sha

Gentle Kua Sha using rounded horn to massage around the eye helps in reducing tiredness and stimulate circulation.



Indiba Eye

The only technology that is able to work over the eyelids to enhance lifting and achieve micro-circulation. Results are effective on puffy eye bags caused by fatty deposit, water retention, wrinkles, lines, and intense dark eye circles.



RF Anti-Age

Intense high frequency increases the blood circulation and tightens skin around eye contours. In depth collagen layers are also being stimulated to support elasticity of the skin.



* Prices quoted are subject to prevailing government taxes.