Eyelash Extension

Love having beautiful eyelashes but dread the cumbersome process of curling your lashes and applying mascara?

Eyelash by Carragheen is the perfect solution to the window of your soul for an instantly captivating look. Using top grade quality products to create eyelash extension styles for a long lasting effect.

Beautiful lashes, the safe and painless way!

Natural Plan

120 lashes for pair of eyes. Natural curl and subtle. Looks like you have long volume lashes.


Volume Plan

180 lashes for pair of eyes. Gives more volume and lift to eyes. Creates a mild eyeliner effect at the base.


Creative Plan

From a palette of subtle to bright hues, you may now pick your favourite among the 10 different shades. These coloured lashes are delicately weaved between the black coloured eyelash extension to create the highlight effects. It can also be customised for daily wear or special occasions.  


3D-Layering Plan

360 lashes for pair of eyes. Full and lustrous, creates a dense and sexy feel.


6D-Flutters Plan

720 lashes for pair of eyes. Fluffy fluttery and classy look.


Princess Lash

Bundle lashes in different sizes, from short to long, natural to dolly, sexy or wild. We can create the style of your preference. Be a princess of your choice.


Princess Wild Lash

'VaVaVom' drama created by double tier of Princess Lash.
You can just imagine the volume and thickness! Are you ready for a supre wild look?


Princess Layering

Get the best of both worlds with a combination of bundled and single lashes. 
Now you can create more volume for your lashes coupled with softer edges. 




$30 to $100



$10 to $30

* Prices quoted are subject to prevailing government taxes.