Face Therapy

Soothes your senses, melt away your lines, step into our world of total wellness from inside out.

We started out in 1999 with the thought of providing the best treatments to enhance every woman’s natural beauty holistically.

Our constant pursue of naturally derived products and state-of-the-art equipments, have brought much satisfaction to our friends and us.

Facial Treatments

Signature Spa Revital Facial

Immerse your senses in total relaxation with the harmonious interplay of aroma oils and signature massage techniques, bringing holistic rejuvenation to a whole new level. The session encompasses 3 sets of specially tailored massage techniques to release the very essence of pure essential oils. 

  • Detox 
The Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage stimulates the lymphatic drainage system to support the body’s immune system by aiding in the body’s cellular waste and toxins removal.

  • V-Shape Facelift 
The Face Shaping Massage helps restore circulation to the face and stimulates the muscles around the contour of the face. 

  • Relaxation
The Morphology Massage improves meridian health enhancements and blood circulation to maintain a state of wellness. 




Equilibrium Facial

An essential facial treatment suited for all skin types, that delivers the most fundamental benefits. This treatment not only improves blood circulation and balances the skin's PH level, it infuses nutrients into the skin to help clear uneven skin tones and increase radiance.



Biological Treatment

A bar of 100% pure plant concentrate and trace mineral complex are specially concocted for each individual according to their skin conditions, to help stabilise and balance skin PH.



Matrix Collagen Facial

The Matrix Collagen Facial serves to slow down the aging process by replenishing the natural proteins of our skin through external application. The use of special Matrigel helps to restore's the skin balance and stimulates collagen production while the Seaweed Gel releases nutrients into the skin when activated through massage. Benefits of this treatment also include hydration, soothing and repair of skin.



Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Enjoy yourself in this deeply relaxing detox facial. It drains away toxins, waste materials, and excessive fluids while you sleep! With good drainage, it allows exchange of nutrients and tissue healing of the skin which lead to a healthier looking skin.



Jyunka Purifying Facial

This purifying facial is suited for individuals with acne prone, and congested skin. It targets to deep cleanse embedded debris and sebum from the skin.

The use of a purifying ingredients aids in clearing, detoxifying, softening and claming the skin. A clearer and calmer complexion can be seen after the treatment.

The treatment is finished with a power-packed mask that seals in nutrients, bind and repair skin texture.



Extreme Radiance Facial

This luxurious treatment is designed to focus on restoring hydration and glow to the skin. Hydration levels of the skin is restored with a generous spread of hydrating gel serum. The skin receives an intensive boost with a hydrating face cream and soothing face massage.

The treatment is finished with a power-packed mask that seals in nutrients, restore and reinforce radiance.



Jyunka Extreme Comfort Facial

As the name suggests, this facial is designed to provide comfort by restoring hydration, and intensively repair the skin.

A gentle ultra-sound deep cleansing is performed to purify the skin from debris and bacteria. This is followed by a deeply relaxing lymphatic drainage to clear the skin from toxins, waste materials and excessive water retention - reviving the skin back to its radiant and glowing state.



Jyunka Blanc Whitening Facial

This treatment is a combination of a Brightening Peel, and a concoction of whitening products which targets to lighten stubborn pigmentations such as age spots, melasma, uneven skin tone and scar marks. The use of Bio-White and Whilte Mulberries focuses on spot de-pigmentation to achieve fairer, and more luminous skin.

The facial is completed with a Stem Cellular Mask which boosts the regeneration and longevity of the skin cells and delay the aging process.



Meridian Kuasha

Adopting the TCM meridian point theory used in acupuncture, the Meridian Kuasha utilises smooth massage strokes on the key facial meridian points along energy pathways, to improve the overall circulation. This improved circulation will improve uneven skin tones, smoothen skin texture and boost radiance. 



Facial Peels


Featuring an innovative and sophisticated skin renewal system which combines the state-of-the-art and science, Skinnovation uses a unique combination of natural acids and vegetal extracts to peel the superficial skin layers and support the skin in rebuilding new collagen and elastin. 

It helps in skin re-texturing and re-conditioning of all skin problems (ranging from acne, pigmentation to wrinkles) without damaging the skin, focusing on cell renewal and regeneration.  In addition, with the use of pure Vitamin C and Collagen it helps to increase your skin’s immunity and regulate the production of sebaceous glands. 



Reviskin Special

The perfect solution to congested skin conditions, Reviskin Special works on a special concoction of 30% Salicylic and Glycolic acid to clear the clogged pores and prevent further bacterial inflammation which will eventually lead to breakouts. With bacteria growth and inflammation under control, existing conditions of acne lesions, pimples, cysts/nodules will also be improved significantly.



Filorga Light Peel

It is a dermatological, chemical, superficial and complete anti-aging peel which visibly improves the cutaneous appearance for improved radiance and brighter skin. Formulated with 20% Mandelic acid, the Filorga Light Peel is capable of treating fine lines, dull complexion, hyper-pigmentation, skin irregularities and microkystic acne. Most importantly, it is suitable even for the sensitive skin. 



Innovative Technology

Indiba Facial Treatment

The aging process does not only affects the skin, but it includes the tissues and muscles underlying the superficial layer of the skin. As these areas weaken and deplete, the skin will start drooping, resulting in smile lines, wrinkles, saggy jowls and hooded eyes.

The INDIBA Deep Beauty machine is able to generate heat internally for precise skin tightening and regeneration of collagen that helps improve skin elasticity and water retention issues. This results in rejuvenated and supple skin with decreased pore size and depth of scars.

The treatment is most effective for the below concerns:
Wrinkles and expression lines
Eye bags and dark eye circles
Sagging and undefined face contours 



Mesoporation Therapy

Mesoporation is a unique, highly proven technique that uses electric pulses to create temporary pores and allow dramatic cellular absorption of rejuvenating ingredients. Results are apparent immediately and last long. A completely safe, state-of-the-art technology without needles or other invasive methods.

Results on first session:
Pore minimising
Skin whitening and tightening
Facial definition
Reduced visible ageing lines
Muscle toning



* Prices quoted are subject to prevailing government taxes.