The cream softens the skin and provides an anti-wrinkle and lifting treatment when used with the Ultra Peptide Lifting Serum. Frown lines, laughter lines are visibly lifted and sharper facial contours can be observed after 7 to 14 days.
The cream utilises a revolutionary whitening complex that lightens the skin by breaking down the melanin on the skin surface and inhibiting the formation of pigmentation at the skin's deeper layers. It contains LUMISKIN which is an active ingredient that visibly decreases the pigmentation in the epidermis. Key ingredients: SYNOVEA HR, LUMISKIN
A moisturising cream that works to regenerate and re-hydrate the epidermal layers of the skin. Its special combination of Telangyn, Butchers Broom and Alpha Bisabolol helps rebuild and strengthen the skin and provide necessary moisture. Skin is immediately unified, soft and comfortable.
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