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A water resistant coating that seals and prolong the glue which also add to a more luscious looking effect. This is advisable as a daily homecare product to be applied in the morning.
Easy removal of eye make-up even with water proof mascara or eyeliner. Formulated with natural protein for the delicate eyes. Suitable as a homecare product. 卸妆棉片可卸除防水的睫毛膏。温和无刺激,也带补充水分。可建议顾客买回使用。
An oil free based liquid that thoroughly removes oil and dirt that got captured on the lash and skin on the eye line. This should be used before apply eyelash extensions and as a homecare. 清爽的睫毛处理剂是嫁接前必用到的清洁剂。这样的话睫毛和眼睑上的油脂和污垢都能被清理干净。
A disposable application used with Lash Cleaning Lotion, Gel removal or Cream Removal. Due to the fine tip, it allows specific application without wasting products. 一次型不脱毛的清洁棉棒可以和睫毛处理剂,卸除凝胶,卸睫毛膏,以及眼部彩妆等精细出使用。
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Recommended for very dry and sensitive skinThis creamy cleanser is rich in emollients to gently and effectively melt away makeup. Infused with nourishing milk-proteins, moisturisers and softeners, this instantly comforting formula leaves skin feeling clean, silky soft and soothed. Main active ingredients include: Chamomile Oil, Shea Butter, Bisabo Oil 
Recommended for normal to combination skinThis creamy cleanser is rich in emollients to gently and effectively melt away makeup. It leaves skin feeling fresh, soft and supple. It also has an anti-bacterial effect to calm the skin and control irritations. Main active ingredients include: Calendula Oil
Recommended for very dry and sensitive skinGives a refreshing effect without aggravating the skin. Main active ingredients include: Panthenol, Liquorice extract, Bisabolol oil 
Recommended for normal to combination skinGives a refreshing and soothing effect to the skin. Main active ingredients include: Calendula Oil, Panthenol
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