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Youth, Soft, Supple and Luminescent JYUNKA Elixir Cream redefines what a cream does for your skin. Daily, the skin is detoxified and cellular energy and viability is improved. Through the use of Marine Phytoplankton Plasma, the skin structure is lifted, regenerated and damaged skin regains moisture, tonicity and firmness. The skin visibly plumps up and is softly enveloped.
Youth, Soft, Supple and Luminescent JYUNKA Elixir Serum combines powerful active ingredients to regain the youth of the skin. The special cocktail of actives ingredients hydrates, oxygenates, smoothens, lifts, tightens and tones the skin. Further it provides protection against external pollution and stress.
Hydration · Anti-redness · Calming A moisturizing cream that works to regenerate and re-hydrate the epidermal layers of the skin. Its special combination of TelangynTM Peptide, Butcher’s Broom, and Alpha Bisabolol helps rebuild and strengthen the skin and provide necessary moisture.The heating sensations and irritations are soothed. Skin is immediately unified, soft and comfortable. Results Skin is soft, moisturized and comfortable Burning sensation and irritation are soothed Redness is visibly reduced and immediately blurred
S.O.S Lash Kit specially paired for you! S.O.S Lash Kit comes with:BrowXenna Lash & Brow Shampoo LashMagic Eyelash Extensions Cream Remover 10 pcs of LashMagic Microswabs 
JYUNKA Sleep Repair infused with the best ingredients, including the rarest variety of Truffle extract, Pearl powder, Caviar extract, and The SMART Active complex. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Swiss Glacier Water. Highlights: Brightens Replenishes Moisture to the skin Reduces Discolouration Tightens & Firms  Provides key nutrients for skin regeneration 
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