5 Secrets about Eyelash Extensions you probably didn't know!

It is hard to deny that eyelash extensions have been gaining popularity with ladies in Singapore over the years. More women are choosing eyelash extensions over strip lashes and mascara for greater comfort and convenience. Plus, it’s a major bonus skipping eye make-up in our morning make up routine! (and say yes to more sleep!)

Eyelash extensions have become so ubiquitous in Singapore that women these days are probably already familiar with a wide selection of curls, lengths, and styles. With the internet at our fingertips, its easy to explore options, read online reviews, and scour for the most attractive rates!

However, here’s one thing many fail to consider:




Since eyelash extensions come in many different curls, lengths and volumes, it takes more than just a single look at your eyes to determine the perfect set. A perfectly customized pair not only accentuates your eyes, but should be natural looking, light weight, and long lasting.



Being the pioneer of eyelash extensions in South East Asia, Carragheen adopts an extremely detailed approach on consultation.

How detailed could a simple consultation be?

Read on and we’ll show you the top 5 things Carragheen addresses during a consultation to determine the perfect style for each individual!


Why lifestyle habits you say? Well, eyelash extensions aren’t made to hinder your way of life! If you wear spectacles on a daily basis, we would usually recommend eyelash extensions not longer than 12mm to prevent any visibility obstruction (think windshield wipers!) The same goes for those who are avid swimmers – we wouldn’t want your extensions to be brushing up on your goggles while you swim!

For ladies who are used to not wearing make up, your eyelash extensions should be light and natural. This is to prevent your eyes being too overpowered by the set of extensions. 



You’ve probably heard of horror stories of how eyelash extensions may lead to eye infections or cause natural lashes to fall prematurely. What many are not aware of is that, these cases are often results of eyelash extensions done with the lack of skills and knowledge of the craft. Trust us, we have seen so many of likewise cases featured on this article by Daily Vanity.

Keeping our clients’ lashes in mind, measurements of the natural lashes are taken during consultation to ensure that the extensions recommended will not over weigh your natural lashes.

Think about it this way:  

Your natural eyelashes are basically supporting the weight of the extensions. If the extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes, it would cause them to fall off prematurely!

With that being said, it is also for your benefit to know the health of your natural lashes as well! A good rule of thumb, your extensions shouldn’t exceed more than 50% of your natural lashes in terms of length and thickness!

Remember: every millimeter of length and thickness adds burden to your natural lashes! 

But what if I wish to have longer but my natural lashes are fine and weak?

Our solution – use longer lengths but finer extensions! Carragheen offers Chiffon eyelash extensions which are a combination of different lengths individually weaved to suit each strand of natural lash.

The health of our client’s natural eyelashes are just as important!


Carragheen also develop and manufacture our own exclusive range of eyelash extensions products, under the brand LashMagicTM .



You might be wondering: Why do we need to look at skintone? Aren’t all eyelash extensions black?

Surprise! If you didn’t know, Carragheen offers 10 different shades of tinted eyelash extensions, glitter extensions, and extensions with crystals on them in our Creative Series!

It sounds a little crazy and overwhelming but really isn’t. In fact, tinted extensions are trending in countries like Korea, Japan and the United States! 


The tinted lashes are carefully weaved in together with the black extensions to create a highlighting, gradient effect. Perfect for different occasions, outfits, skintones and preferences.

Check out our previous blogpost where we share on tinted extensions and how they can help to enhance your look! 

While tinted eyelash extensions are exciting, the most important role in observing the skin tone is to determine what texture and volume will flatter your features! A poorly selected set might result in extensions that look lackluster, or create an over powering effect.



Carragheen believes that eyelash extension is an art. There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” design. You might have seen numerous make-up tutorials on how different eyeliner designs are suited different eye shapes – eyelash extensions are similar in that sense too!

Extensions have to be crafted individually to accentuate different eye shapes.

Let us give you an example:

For ladies with down turned eyes, Carragheen recommends to have longer lashes to be placed at the outer ends of the eyes to give a wing effect and give the eyes a more lifted look. 

Eyes appear instantly lifted thanks to longer extensions on the outer corners of the eyes. 


If you’ve read up to this point, you would have realized that almost every aspect of your eyes play a pivotal role in the result of your eyelash extensions. And here’s the most significant part – your eyelids!

Very often, we face concerns from ladies whose eyelash extensions are either obstructing their vision or not visible enough, despite using longer eyelash extensions. 

What could be the cause?

Most likely, these ladies have thicker eyelids and their lash line is hidden towards the inner side of their eyelids. Instead of using longer lashes, a more lifted curl such as D or L curl would produce a better result for their extensions.


And there you have it ladies, the top 5 secrets about eyelash extensions you probably didn’t know about! In a nutshell, having a proper consultation plays a pivotal role to having beautifully crafted eyelash extensions that is suited for each individual!  

The result – a set of eyelash extensions enhances the eyes beautifully.