Awards: Best Professional skincare/Best Ampoules: Editors’ choice award 2019 Best Beauty Awards 2018 by Buro Singapore* Cozy Cot Holy Grail Beauty Awards 2011Visible Touchable Results Plump up fine lines  Lift sagging skin Tighten pores  Reduce dark eye circles Lighten pigmentation & age spots JYUNKA Glow
Extreme Hydrant Serum immerses your skin in an aqueous environment and locking the moisture in the upper epidermis to ensure optimal cellular activity. A special Visco-Elastic Complex using high molecular weight wheat proteins, provides a gentle nourishment, a protective layer, tightens facial pores and improves skin firmness. Visible Touchable Results Plumping up Tighten Pores Softening of skin surface Calm and refreshed skin
Fortified with Hexylresorcinol & Mulberry *Awarded Women's Weekly Best Beauty Buys 2017*A serum utilizing a revolutionary whitening complex that lightens the skin by breaking down the melanin on the skin surface and inhibiting the formation of pigmentation at the skin’s deeper layers. The skin is more radiant, fairer and brighter after 7 to 14 days.
Anti-Pores. Anti-Pollution. Anti-Oxidant. Silky Smooth finish. *Comes in a box of 5 X 3ml vial*A fast-acting serum that immediately minimizes pores, fights against the aerial pollutants and neutralizes the toxic oxidants. The facial contours are plumped up. The skin texture is refined, purified, calm, soft and smooth.
*Comes in a box of 5 X 3ml bottle*A professional and intensive hydrating serum that restores moisture, boost the skin’s water binding ability and strengthens the skin‘s support system. Calms reactive skin. Results • Hydro-lipid film is boosted• Epidermis’ water biding capacity is improved• Skin is plumped up, smoothened and softened
*Comes in a box of 5 X 3ml vial*A professional and intensive anti-aging serum used to strengthen the facial structure and underlying muscles. The facial contour is sharper, wrinkles and fine lines are softened. Results • Anti-wrinkle & Softening fine lines• Firming & Plumping• Lifting facial contours
*Comes in a box of 5 X 2ml bottle*A professional and intensive anti-aging eye serum used to improve blood microcirculation, eliminate free radicals and strengthen the collagen and elastin matrix. The eye area is refreshed and strengthened with significant reduction of puffiness and darkness circles. Results • Reduces dark circles• Reduces puffiness and swelling• Increases and maintains the collagen and elastin matrix
Youth, Soft, Supple and Luminescent JYUNKA Elixir Serum combines powerful active ingredients to regain the youth of the skin. The special cocktail of actives ingredients hydrates, oxygenates, smoothens, lifts, tightens and tones the skin. Further it provides protection against external pollution and stress.
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