Ageless Eye

The Ageless Eye Treatment targets to treat all conditions and symptoms of ageing signs around the eyes. From puffiness due to water retention, dark eye circles, to fine lines and wrinkles caused by lifestyle habits and ageing, this treatment incorporates fast acting ingredients which are formulated to give instant results.

Try it as a stand-alone eye treatment or as an add-on to any facial treatment.

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Ageless Eye

Key Benefits

  • Reduces puffiness
  • Lightens dark eye circles 
  • Smoothen and plump up fine lines
  • Repair skin matrix
  • Lift and sharpen eye contours


  1. Skin is being cleanse and exfoliate.
  2. Indulge in the stress release eye massage with active ingredients from Eye Lifting Boost concentrate and Ageless Eye Cream. 
  3. Rest and relax with pure rose essential oil from the Ageless Eye Mask.
  4. Completing with eye lifting boost and ageless eye cream to retain effects from treatment. 


Maintain with DIY Treatment at home

  • Eye Lifting Boost 
  • Ageless Eye Cream
  • Ice for Eyes Mask
  • Germanium massager


$128, 60 minutes 


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