Fad or Fab: A Guide to Korean

When flawless skin is achieved with more than just skincare products.

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Fad or Fab: A Guide to Korean

We can always count on Korea to give us the latest innovative skincare tips. Just as we were done reviewing the Korean 7 Skin Method, here comes another K-Beauty trend! But if there is just one hype train you have to hop on, let it be on the Cloudless Skin.

What is Cloudless Skin?

"Unlike glass skin, mochi skin, and honey skin, 'cloudless skin' is not really a trend," Liah Yoo, a YouTuber and founder of the skin-care brand KraveBeauty, tells Allure. "It's the ultimate skin condition that motivates Korean women to do skin care so deliberately, and it's a term that's been used in many advertisements for decades," she explains.

Unlike Glass Skin, Cloudless Skin is achieved not just by the usage of product or treatments. It is the combination of healthy lifestyle choices, balanced diet, and a consistent skincare regimen. It extends beyond appearance - it is a result of a healthy state of mental and physical being.

Simply put, it is skin that has reached the peak of its glory.

What must we do to achieve Cloudless Skin?  


Cloudless skin exudes a healthy aura from the inside out that can only be achieved if you are deliberately taking steps to ensure your body is healthy. This means eating dark leafy vegetables that are filled with skin loving vitamins, and sticking to a diet with low sugar and sodium content. 

Avocado spread > Nutella any day. 

Limit intake of high-glycemic foods (i.e. white rice, bread, flour and sugar) as it spikes up insulin and eventually causes collagen to break down and trigger hormonal fluctuation which causes inflammation.

Of course, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a slice of cake in a while. Moderation is key!

While you’re at it, here are some simple swaps you can make! 


Clocking in at least 6-8 hours a night is not only beneficial to your mental health, but also for your skin. Dermatologist and founder of Smarter Skin Dermatology Sejal Shah explains to Insider that cell turnover and DNA repair are highest at night. “Blood flow to the skin and the skin’s permeability are higher at night, so sleep is a time for repairing and renewing your skin.”  

But that’s not all.  

Stress and sleep often go hand in hand. An increase in stress levels tends to affect sleep quality, and vice versa. Stress causes a hormonal change in the body which makes skin reactive and the skin barrier more vulnerable. “Managing stress is the most crucial tip that’s needed in modern life, a good night’s sleep helps your skin to rejuvenate in optimal condition” says Shah.

Include lavender scent in your room to help combat stress.

 (It helps your room to look extra pretty too!)

What else can you do for flawless skin? 

It all boils down to the basic pillars of skincare: cleansing, exfoliating, sun protection and hydration. Be consistent in your skincare regimen and your skin will reward you by being flawless.

Try these tips out and let us know if you have seen any improvements in your skin condition! 

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