Are You Using The Right Cleanser For Your Face?

Using a suitable cleanser might be more important than you think.

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Are You Using The Right Cleanser For Your Face?

All of us are aware that our face must be thoroughly cleansed before the application of any skincare product. What many do not know is that, using an unsuitable type of cleanser could upset the skin’s pH levels, which ultimately affects the absorption of skincare products. 

Most believe that squeaky clean skin equates to clear skin. However, very often, dehydrated skin caused by harsh cleansers overcompensates the lack of hydration by producing more sebum. This excess sebum then causes clogged pores, resulting in acne and other blemishes. 

So how do you determine which cleanser is suitable for you? – First, you need to find out your SKIN IDENTITY.

Which cleanser is best suited for your skin? 


For Dehydrated, Dry and Sensitive Skin Types

It is recommended to use a milk cleanser to remove impurities from the skin. Milk proteins in the cleanser helps to soften the skin and the skin should feel soft and supple after cleansing. 

Carragheen Recommends: MBK Ultra Gentle Cleaning Milk 

This creamy cleanser is rich in emollients to gently and effectively melt away makeup. Infused with nourishing milk-proteins, moisturisers  and softeners, this instantly-comforting formula leaves skin feeling clean, silky-soft and soothed.

It’s active ingredients include German Chamomile Oil, Shea Butter, and Bisabolol Oil; which are key to help re-hydrate dry skin. 

German Chamomile is known for its highly concentrated soothing and calming properties.


For Oily Skin Types

For individuals with this skin type, it is recommended to use a cleanser that is thorough enough to remove impurities, yet gentle to the skin at the same time. Although the aim is to reduce the amount of sebum on the skin, it is equally as important not to strip the skin of its essential oils.

Carragheen recommends: HA24 Gentle Cleansing Cream

This 2-in-1 cream and gel cleanser specially crafted by Carragheen has a luxurious creamy texture. It leaves the skin feeling fresh and cleansed, yet moisturized at the same time.

It’s active ingredients include:

  • Allantoin
    • Helps to soften and protect while actively soothing the skin. It aids in cell regeneration, promoting healthy skin. 

  • Punica & Granatum fruit
    • More commonly known as Pomegranate. It is known for its high levels of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. It protects cells from damage and speeds up the process of healing. It plays an important role in repairing sun damaged and aging skin. 

In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, it is crucial that we need to look out for active ingredients such as these in our skincare products to comprehensively protect our skin.



Normal or Combination Skin Types

For those who are fortunate enough to fall under this skin type, it is best to use a gel cleanser. If you are experiencing some minor pimples, look for a cleanser that has pH balancing properties. A good gel cleanser should be able to retain skin moisture, deep cleanse the skin and not cause any skin sensitivity issues.

Carragheen recommends: 5-in-1 Gel Cleanser

It is enriched with H complex cleansing agent, which maintains the skin’s hydrous equilibrium while tackling skin sensitivity. This all-rounder cleansing gel expels remaining traces of make-up and impurities on the surface, leaving the skin fresh and supple.   

Are you using the right cleanser? 

At Carragheen, we use a skin analyzing device where we test for the skin’s pH, hydration, elasticity, sebum levels and more. By identifying the skin’s current condition, we are able to provide accurate recommendations that works best to improve your skin’s condition.

Get your complimentary Skin Identity Report today! Call us at 6222 3376 to book an appointment. 

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