Brighten Up Your Peepers!

Carragheen introduces two sets of eyelash extensions, specially customized to brighten up your peepers.

| Sep 16, 2015 @ 23:25 | Eyelashes |

Brighten Up Your Peepers!

Often related to as the window to the soul, a mesmerizing pair of sparkly eyes reflects signs of heartiness and self confidence, both of which are significant elements of beauty. Needless to say, the role of eyelashes has far surpassed its basic responsibility of sheltering dust and particles from the eyes. Eyelashes have always been regarded as a source of beauty in many cultures, and with today’s beauty advancements, they are receiving increasingly attention and enhancements.

However, the irony of today’s fast paced society brings about a daily challenge of looking their best for many busy female executives. With an average of 10 hours dedicated to work commitments every day, an additional hour of sleep would definitely appeal more to an exhausted individual, as compared to a less wise choice of utilizing that hour for some beauty fix-ups. The use of cosmetics is commonly viewed as a chore even after weighing against the aesthetic benefits they could provide.

It’s probably every lady’s silent wish to wake up to a beautifully made-up countenance, eliminating a big bulk of the beauty efforts needed in front of the mirror. All thanks to the continued efforts in innovation, our wish is finally granted with the evolvement of EYELASH EXTENSIONS!

This season, Carragheen introduces two sets of eyelash extensions, specially customized to brighten up your peepers.

Both 3D and 6D eyelash extensions involve having a skilled therapist to attach a set of 360 to 720 strands of C-Series lashes, each 0.07mm thick, to your natural lashes painstakingly all in an attempt to extend their length, making them look longer, denser and fuller. Besides, these 3D and 6D eyelash extensions are skilfully crafted in form of 3 to 6 layers to offer more volume, as compared to the usual standard set of 120 lashes in a single layer. Best of all, each set of extensions could last from 40 to 60 days and that simply means we could all wake up looking beautiful every morning!

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