Do You Practice Eyelid Hygiene?

Yes ladies, eyelid hygiene is a thing.

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Do You Practice Eyelid Hygiene?

All of us lash lovers hope that our eyelash extensions last as long as possible. We all love the hassle-free fluttery eyelashes that help us look like a million bucks every morning. However, the trouble comes in when good eyelid hygiene is neglected. If not cleansed properly, it could lead to eye infections or even mite infestations!

Blepharitis: A chronic or long-term inflammation of the eyelids and eyelashes. Common causes of blepharitis are excessive oil produced by the glands in the eyelid; a bacterial infection (often staphylococcal); or an allergic reaction.

Chalazion: characterised by eyelid cyst which looks like a swollen, red bump on either the upper or lower eyelid. It happens when the oil glands that are located at the root of your eyelashes become clogged.

These can be prevented by practicing good eyelid hygiene.

Yes ladies, eyelid hygiene is a thing.

In fact, it is probably the most neglected body part in terms of hygiene! Most of us think that washing our face equates to having our lashes cleansed as well.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Our eyelashes are designed to protect our eyes from dust and debris. Hence, it is natural for them to trap dust and dirt as well. To make matters worse, our eyelids produce extra sweat and sebum in the humid weather of Singapore.

For perspective, here are the things that are in contact with your eyelids and eyelashes everyday:

  1. Skincare products

  2. Eye make up (Eyeliner, eye shadow etc.)

  3. Dust and debris

  4. Oil and sweat

  5. Bacteria from hands when you touch your eyes

  6. Smoke and oil from hawker centers

While eyelash extensions are nice and pretty to look at, it is a potential breeding ground for bacteria if not taken care of properly!

What can you do about it?

1. Use Clean Eyelash Combs to brush your Extensions!

Most of us are guilty of using eyelash combs that have been with us for the past 3 to 4 months. But in order to keep your eyelashes clean and healthy, it is recommended to change your eyelash comb with every new set of eyelash extensions - which is about once a month.

This prevents bacteria build up and dust from collecting on the bristles and transferred onto your eyelashes!

Here’s a piece of good news: Carragheen provides a brand new eyelash comb with every new set of eyelash extensions! Yay to clean lash wands!

2. Go to a Reputable Lash Boutique


Your choice of boutique and lash artists will indirectly affect the health of your natural eyelashes. Not only should you go to a reputable boutique which is known for providing quality service, you should also take note on the hygiene standards of the place.

Here are a few tips you can lookout for:

  • Do the lash artists wear face masks before working on your lashes?

  • Is the environment clean and neat?  

  • Do the lash artists sanitise their tools before working on the extensions?

  • Are disposable items used only for one client?

Before making an appointment, be sure to check out online reviews of the boutique!

Clean your lashes!

While this might be the most obvious thing to do, many ladies who have eyelash extensions don't do it!

Carragheen recommends

Carragheen has specially formulated a set of Cleansing Lotion and Micro Swabs to thoroughly cleanse your eyelashes and extensions.

The cleansing lotion removes dirt, debris and any traces of makeup on your eyelashes and waterline. This gentle lotion can be used daily, morning and night to ensure your natural lashes are kept clean and healthy!  The LashMagic Microswabs are designed to deep cleanse every single strand of eyelash with its micro fibers.

This cleansing duo ensures that both your natural eyelashes and extensions are free from bacteria and debris!

How to use:



You can wiggle the Microswabs left and right gently to get a deeper cleanse. This is particularly effective to remove eyeshadow that might have fallen onto your eyelashes.

Repeat this step until all debris and traces of make up are removed, and change a new pair of microswabs for the other eye

And you’re done - clean, happy and healthy lashes!

On top of providing a clean environment and tools for our clients, Carragheen also provides a complimentary lash spa for all lash refills! This Lash Spa helps to deep cleanse the lashes to ensure that your natural lashes are clean and healthy before adding on more extensions. This process also improves the longevity of your extensions!

P.S. Carragheen is giving away 1 bottle of complimentary LashMagic Cleansing-Lotion with every new membership sign-up!

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