Lash Lift for Eyelash Extensions!

Say hello to the new generation of lifted eyelashes without the use of chemicals.

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Lash Lift for Eyelash Extensions!

We all yearn for eyelashes that are perfectly curled to frame our eyes and give us that extra oomph to our look. Yet, some of us have pin straight lashes that simply refuse to be stay curled even with the strongest holding mascara. For ladies with naturally straight lashes, eyelash extensions seem to be the best option. However, this often creates a “2 layered” look due to the stark contrast of the natural lashes and perfectly curled extensions.

We’ve also heard from ladies with downward pointing lashes that their extensions often cast a shadow on their vision after some time due to gravity weighing their eyelashes and extensions down.

In this scenario, we would usually recommend clients to do an eyelash perm (or what many refer to as Lash Lift) before having eyelash extensions. While this does alleviate the earlier mentioned concerns, doing a Lash Lift together with eyelash extensions does have its downsides as well.

Some cons include

1. Duration

It requires at least 45 minutes for a Lash Lift to be done, and this is on top of your regular extensions duration! This means that we’re looking at an upwards of at least 1.5 hours for a natural set of eyelash extensions

2. Durability

The durability of the extensions might be affected due to the chemicals used during the perming process. We recommend clients to come back 1-3 days for their extensions but it is too much of a hassle for most.

3. It’s more challenging and time-consuming to apply extensions!

Due to the intense curl of the newly lifted lashes, application of eyelash extensions would be more difficult. This is also the reason why many salons reject clients with permed lashes.

Here’s the good news:

We have found a method to lift pin straight eyelashes without doing a chemical perm!

Even better news:

Its free of chemicals, does not damage your natural eyelashes in any way, takes a fraction of the time compared to perming and best of all – you can do your lash extensions right after!

What is this miraculous invention?

Unveiling to you, our very own LashUp, a safe and gentle technique that we have brought over personally from Japan. Learning the techniques from only the best Japanese trainers, we are proud to offer this as an add-on service for our clients! The technique is meant to be paired with eyelash extensions to give them a more lifted look for your eyes.

Here’s a comparison of eyelash extensions with and without LashUp!

But what if Eyelash Extensions aren’t for me?

Since LashUp is meant to be done in conjunction with eyelash extensions, those who wish not to have extensions can opt to do a Lash Lift instead. Although Lash Lift does contain chemicals, it is required to hold the perm in place to last about a month.

Curious to find out more? Make an appointment to experience it yourself! You will be surprised at how little time it takes to a more lifted look for your eyelash extensions.

Call us at 6222 3376 to find out more, or to book your appointment!

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