Shape Up From Within

Improve appearance of cellulite and stretch-marks through skin firming and eliminating the flaccidity from inside.

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Shape Up From Within

Weight gain has always been a nightmare to most women, and even the skinny ones are relentlessly trying to attain a more slender figure. Weight gain can be attributed to many factors ranging from unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, weak metabolism to even water retention. These factors lead to the accumulation of fat cells, especially on areas of the tummy, arms, hips and thighs. To make matters worse, these accumulated fat cells will ultimately result in cellulite and stretch mark issues over time.

If you have been battling with the above concerns for the longest time, we might have found a solution for you!

INDIBA Deep Beauty

Carragheen has brought in the INDIBA® Deep Beauty machine, indicated for the below key benefits.

1)    Body contouring and body shaping, targeting specifically on the tummy, arms, hips and thighs

2)    Improve appearance of cellulite and stretch-marks through skin firming and eliminating the flaccidity from inside

3)    Improve weight gain conditions related to water retention

The Technology

The INDIBA Deep Beauty machine utilizes a patented Proionic technology, which engages mono-polar radiofrequency device to generate heat internally through a metal message head to precisely tighten skin and lift contours, through a process of breaking up fat cells, speeding up metabolism and draining out toxins.

The Formula

The Proionic technology works at a specific radiofrequency of 448 kHz, which enables the mobilization of ions through the cell membrane, contributing to the balance of cellular electric potential and recovery of the tissues. With the recovery of the cell’s vital functions, it will promote lymphatic drainage, hence enabling more oxygen and nutrients to be supplied to the cells, which will then contribute to increase of cell metabolic rate and lipolysis process.

The Treatment

INDIBA is the first company, which successfully integrated two modes of energy, namely the Capacitive and Resistive modes, to fully optimize the effectiveness of the body contouring treatment through radiofrequency.

The Capacitive Electrode (CET) stimulates energy points, which is a unique and important step to promote lymphatic drainage, critical in treating cellulite. The Resistive Electrode (RET) is able to penetrate and increase the internal temperature deep inside which acts effectively on cellulite and stored fats.

With a single treatment, the treated skin will obtain the below three benefits.


Biostimulation: Contributes to metabolism and fibroblasts activation, and generation of collagen.

Microcirculation: Leads to increase of blood flow, tissue and cellular oxygenation, drainage and increase of metabolism.

Hyperactivation: Generates dramatic increase of metabolism and collagen, tissue detoxification and waste drainage.


The number of sessions required will vary among individuals and their goals. Typically, a range of 6-10 sessions is recommended to which two or more sessions are required before you can see any improvement for cellulite. Weekly treatments are suggested for most effective results.

INDIBA Deep Beauty is a very relaxing treatment, which lasts from 45 minutes to an hour, and is suitable for everyone.

INDIBA Beauty Workshop

Carragheen will be holding a complimentary workshop to share the benefits and effectiveness of this treatment. A live demonstration will be conducted to put theory to actions and all participants (by invitation only) will be able to have their queries answered by Carragheen’s team of consultants.

Last but not least, all participants will enjoy a personalized consultation and special package deals, only available exclusively at the event!

Date and Time: 10 January 2015, Saturday, 10am-1pm/ 2-5pm

Venue: Carragheen SkinCare Boutique, 12A Liang Seah Street Singapore 189033

Fees: Complimentary

*Limited seats available for both sessions

For those who are unable to make it to the event, you need not be disappointed, as Carragheen will be offering first trial sessions to all at a special rate of $128!

To sign up for the event or for more information, you may call us at 62223376.

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