Lunchtime Peel - Filorga Light Peel

Beauty regimes are often an afterthought as most women strive to seek a balance between career and family.

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Lunchtime Peel - Filorga Light Peel

In today’s modern society, beauty regimes are often an afterthought as most women strive to seek a balance between career and family. A 2-hour facial session in the hustle and bustle of life comes with much opportunity costs for a woman whose daily routine resembles a mad sprint, as soon as the alarm clocks sound off.

That being said, most women still yearn to look their finest despite being short on time and that brings about the evolvement of lunchtime beauty fixes! Introducing the Filorga Light Peel, it grants women their well-deserved beauty treat while taking just a petite slice of the limited timescale.

What is Filorga Light Peel?
The Filorga Light Peel is a non-invasive resurfacing procedure, which involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin so as to exfoliate the damaged superficial layers of skin and reveal a clearer and more radiant complexion. In the ensuing sections, we shall address the benefits of this procedure.

Zero Downtime
The procedure typically takes up 30 minutes and incurs no significant downtime following the peel. As what the term ‘Lunchtime Peel’ suggests, daily activities may be resumed immediately after the procedure.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin
Thanks to a carefully chosen duo of active ingredients, the chemical solution containing Gluconolactone and Mandelic acid, helps improve and smoothen the skin. More importantly, the ingredients are also adept to reducing skin irritation, hence making the peel well tolerated even on sensitive skin.

Tackles Multiple Skin Concerns
The Filorga Light Peel works by removing the superficial dead skin cells so as to stimulate the production of healthier skin cells which improve the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin pigmentation and scars. Besides, Mandelic acid is known as the only AHA with antibacterial properties, which are effective against inflammatory acne lesions. With a couple of sessions, you would find your acne better controlled, acne scars softened and sebum levels regulated.

To find out more on the Filorga Light Peel, do drop us a call at 62223376 for a personal skin consultation with our dedicated team of therapists.

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