Eye Therapy

Give your overworked peepers a luxurious and soothing therapy to restore their brightness and glow. Our eye therapies are formulated with care, to address early signs of aging and fatigue caused by environmental aggressors. 

Close your eyes, relax, and let your eyes regain their sparkle. 

Ageless Eye Spa

The Ageless Eye Spa is a 60 minute therapy that features our signature gentle Kua Sha massage by using a rounded horn. This treatment helps in reducing tiredness and stimulate circulation. The treatment is finished off with a rejuvenating stem cell mask to allow your eyes to regain it's sparkle. 

Eye contours are lifted, wrinkles and fine lines are softened, eye puffiness and dark eye circles are visibly reduced in one session. 



Ageless Eye Treatment 

The Ageless Eye Treatment targets to treat all conditions and symptoms of aging signs around the eyes. From puffiness due to water retention, dark eye circles, or fine lines and wrinkles caused by lifestyle habits and aging. This treatment incorporates fast acting ingredients are formulated to give instant results.

It is highly recommended as an add on to any facial treatment.



Time Reverse Meso Eye Treatment

Reverse the hands of time with state-of-art technology - Mesoporation. 

Mesoporation is a milestone in no-needle drug delivery with its unique and highly proven technique that combines the use of electroporation and iontophoresis to create temporary pores that allow dramatic cellular absorption of rejuvenating ingredients. Electroporation acts as a form of passive exercise in working the muscles beneath the skin to give the toning and lifting effect. 

This treatment is highly effective in reducing fine lines, and ladies who are seeking for a more intense lifted result. The treatment is completed with an eye mask and relaxing shoulder massage. 



Indiba Eye

The only technology that is able to work over the eyelids to enhance lifting and achieve micro-circulation. Results are effective on puffy eye bags caused by fatty deposit, water retention, wrinkles, lines, and intense dark eye circles.