Body Therapy

Achieving and maintaining a perfect body is every woman’s goal.

Carragheen’s range of body therapies helps you to achieve that goal with our top of the line products and treatments.

From body slimming and contouring treatments, scrubs and therapeutic massages, it relaxes, invigorates your body and removes harmful toxins.

White Radiance Spa

White Radiance with Pearl Moon Complex nourishes skin deeply, fades away uneven pigmentation, brightens skin, and protects it from environmental stress. Let this ginseng, pearl, rice water, volcanic silt and milk infused cream with certified organic ingredients, relieve your skin of all tiredness and return the glow. Treatment includes a brightening scrub, mask and cream. 

Full body: $298 (90 mins)

Per body section: $118 (45 mins) 

Tension Release Massage

Stress and tension on a muscle spot?
Focus area massage would be best to untie the knots that cause muscle stiffness. You will experience this soothing therapy with a warm effect that comes from our unique aroma blend to promote blood circulation. 



Purifying Back Treatment

Antiseptic & curative effect on scar, marks & impure skin. A healing & detox treatment for the back. 



Indiba Slimming and Body Contouring

Utilising a patented Proionic technology, this treatment engages mono-polar radio frequency to generate heat internally through a metal massage head, to precisely tighten skin and shape up your contours. This is achieved through a process of breaking up fat cells, speeding metabolism, and draining toxins from your body.