As a one-stop beauty heaven, Carragheen's beauty enhancements shall complete the beautiful picture by getting you groomed in a jiffy. Our therapists are highly trained in this art to take into account your features and create the extra zest to your overall look.

Brow Henna


Enjoy defined brows the natural way! Brow Henna is a non-invasive service which allows you to have natural looking tinted brows. Service includes: Consultation, Brow Architecture, and Aftercare. 

Note: Brow Henna can last up to 6 weeks on hair and up to 2 weeks on skin. Treatments vary for each individual. 


Lash Lift

Treat your lashes to look longer and fuller without mascara or curler. Open up your lashes with natural looking curls, blinking has never been more fun!

Note: Treatments vary for each individual. Special care is required to make the perm last longer. Lash perms are generally visible up to one month.


Lash Up

Looking for a way to enhance the lift of your eyelash extensions? Look no further! Lash Up is a safe and gentle technique that we have brought over personally from Japan! Learning the techniques from only the best Japanese trainers, we are proud to offer this as an add-on service. 

It is: 

  • free of chemicals
  • does not damage your natural eyelashes
  • takes a fraction of the time compared to perming
  • you can do your eyelash extensions right after

Note: This treatment is a top-up service for any single strand eyelash extensions.


Eyebrow Shaping

Allow our specialists to find the most perfect line for your brow. With skillful eye and hand, we transform the eyebrow to take on precise yet natural lines to enhance your features.

Our specialists:
  • study your face and its shape
  • decide what's the perfect arch and angle for you
  • define the length and thickness to complement your features
  • work with skill and meticulousness to create the ideal eyebrow


* Prices quoted are subject to prevailing government taxes.