"Carragheen provides excellent and personalised services. All the staff knows each customer by name and always greet with a  genuine smile. Each treatment is catered specifically to my needs."

Ms Alyssa Leow | Customer since 1999

"The Carragheen team believes that beauty is not only skin deep but it also requires conditioning within. The staff are always attentive, even to the smallest details."

Ms Angeline Ng | Customer since 2008

"I like Carragheen for being able to analyse my needs and provide me with the services that truly suit me, unlike some places where they just push me to sign up for services that I totally don't require. As my job keeps me very busy, I like the fact that Carragheen is able to provide me with all the services I need."

Ms Cynthia Oh | Customer since 2006

"Being an air stewardess, I have to travel to countries of different climates. I'll never fail to carry their whole range of skincare products wherever I go."

Ms Cynthia Soh | Customer since 2007

"Caragheen’s ambience is absolutely warm and cosy. I felt at home and at ease immediately as I was nervous being there for my first eyelash extension ever.Staff were friendly, explained the different types of lashes in great detail and patience, most importantly they are not pushy at all!I highly recommend this place and have already referred a friend there who also loves the place, service and ambience as much!"

Ms Yee Lin

"The 3D lash extensions are beautiful and they really open up my eyes. They look like I have really good mascara on and are not over the top. They are light weight and you don't feel the weight of it on your lids. They have lasted almost 5 weeks with not that many dropping.
Warning: having them on is addictive and you will keep going back for more."

Ms Diane Tan

"I’ve been doing my lashes and facial at Carragheen for months with Zoey. I must say that I really love it. Zoey has been very fantastic. She provides professional advices on how should I look after my skin as well as my lashes without hardselling products unlike other places. Their facial is awesome! My skin has improved tremendously! Even friends and family members around me commented that my face has improved a lot. Their lashes are so comfortable and light that I literally don’t feel anything at all. I recommended a few of my friends to try out their lashes, all of them were extremely pleased with it as well! Even complimented the services rendered. I will continue to patronise and recommend to others not just because of their top notch services but they really do deliver results as promised."

Ms Shanice Suah

"Every treatment at Carragheen delivers very good results and most importantly, they last long with not adverse effects. The therapists are very attentive, honest and always a pleasure to talk to."

Ms Jacqueline Chan

"I love how the eyelash extensions instantly brighten up my face! The therapists are attentive and meticulous, always ensuring that I'm at ease during the sessions."

Ms Angeline Lee

"Carragheen put me on their INDIBA slimming programme and I saw immediate results from the very first session. Till date I've managed to lose 6kg without any special diet or strenuous exercises. It has been an amazing experience with therapists who know the machine well and constantly checking if I feel alright during the process."

Ms Glenda Chiang

"My skin has been clear and has maintained its elasticity under the care of Carragheen's team. I love how the team is not hard selling and demonstrates professional knowledge and skills."

Ms Lilian Tng