From eye axis, eyelash thickness and angle, to eye shape, these are carefully considered.
Design is set based on your eye shape, preference and occasion.
Dimension of volume determines the effects. These are carefully selected to maintain health of eyelashes
Detailed consultation allow us to provide you with the best suited eyelash set to enhance your peepers!

Before - After

Eyelash Extensions

Creative Top Up

From a palette of subtle to bright hues, pick your favourite among 10 different shades! These coloured lashes are delicately weaved between the black coloured eyelash extension to create a highlight effect. Based on your preference of light coloured effect at the corner or highlight across the whole eyes, creating an eyeshadow effect. These lashes can also be customised for daily wear or for special occasions. 

  • Texture of lashes comes in 0.15mm, 0.10mm and 0.07mm  


Creative Top Up


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