Tri-Hydro Concentrate

  • $61.00

Size: Box of 3ml x 5 vials

A professional and intensive hydrating serum that restores moisture, boost the skin’s water binding ability and strengthens the skin‘s support system. Calms reactive skin.

• Hydro-lipid film is boosted
• Epidermis’ water biding capacity is improved
• Skin is plumped up, smoothened and softened

TRIMOIST® (Special Active®) - the 3-step moisturizing system supports all three elements of the skin's own moisture balance system:
Protecting film : CM-Glucan enhances the skin's own defence system and builds a superior protecting film.
Lamellar Lipid barrier : Skin-like Lamellar Lipids enhance the barrier function of the lipid layer in the epidermis to boost the moisture barrier.
Humectants: Glycerin and Lactate mimic the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) of the skin to provide an instant burst of hydration.

A smaller and stronger version of the Hyaluronate Acid chain that exists naturally in the skin, this super Hyaluronate retains large amounts of moisture and protects the skin from bacteria, dust and ultraviolet rays. 

Apply 0.5ml each time after toner/lotion. Massage until it absorbs. Each vial is recommended to apply over 3 days.