Why Should You Get A Brow Groomed by a Professional?

Facial features are only complete with a well-designed brow that is suitable for you. You can also highlight the beauty of your eyes with an improved brow. Most of us have an asymmetry brows, so achieving symmetry brows has always been a difficult task if you are trying to figure it out on your own.

Do you know that improper removal of your brows can result in permanent damage where hair will no longer grow out again? Leave it to the professionally trained brow stylist and get the perfect brow shape for you. 

Professionally Train Brow Stylist

Here at Carragheen, you can rest assured with an amazing-looking brow that matches your features as we have the best brow stylist team for you. Besides providing services in the salon, we are also accredited to train aspiring beauticians and brow technicians in this field. 

What Is The Perfect Brow Shape?

While some like Korean brows, Chinese brows, European brows, American brows, etc. Brow shape and design should be unique to one's features. Our brow design is based on a formula according to your eye setting (close, normal, or wide), your brow bone structure, the original hair growth, and the level of asymmetry. These are features that don't change and you will be amazed by how these architecture lines run according to your unique face setting.

Best Brow Products - BrowXenna®

Using the World's No. 1 brand - BrowXenna® for all brow works including products that involved colour pigments and brow lamination to brow cosmetics products, it is innovated to care for the skin. 

Ready for a Brow Styling Treatment? 

Whether you are a beginner to try out getting a symmetrical brow or game on for colours and even a brow lift, we have these services all available below. Still not sure which brow service to go for? Fret not. Leave it to our professional team to give you advice on what brow service would suit best for you.

Before - After


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