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Once upon a time, when eyelash extensions were not known to many, Carragheen took the leap of faith and launched the service in 2004. While most people regarded eyelash extensions as a fad at that time, we believed in this new kid on the block. We knew that this would be a trend to stay and we did not stop at just providing eyelash extension services.


The earlier years of providing eyelash extension services got us trying products from different suppliers in different countries. We came across good products, but they were not the best. This led us to onboard a massive R&D project to manufacture our very own eyelash extensions products. LashMagic, an exclusive range of eyelash extension products, made according to Japan and Korea quality control standards, was born in 2012. 


Being the pioneer in the eyelash extension industry since 2004, we set high expectations and standards to ensure that our customers are given the best experiences. All therapists are personally selected and trained by our founder, who acquired her eyelash extensions technique from Japan, Korea, and Russia.


Equipped with nearing 20 years of experience, coupled with constantly upgraded skills and self-manufactured eyelash products, we are confident we to be your best eyelash service provider. Believe in Carragheen, Experience LashMagic. 

At Carragheen, eyelash extension is an intricate process where our therapists take into consideration customer preference to decide the final lash plan based on the suitable lash curl, length, volume, and design that does not out-weigh the original lashes to prevent premature lash loss. 

Here’s the selection process for our eyelash extensions! 

The type of curls and length range, and the (Ds) dimensional effect that determines the volume


Our Eyelash Services at a glance

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