Fee is based on 50% of eyelash extensions set.


  • Percentage of refills are based remaining “good” eyelash extensions after removal of spoiled ones. 
  • Re-fills are only for eyelash extensions done by Carragheen. We are unable to match lashes from other salons due to different eyelash extensions production. 
  • Re-fills are advise to be done not over 3 weeks from the new set. 
  • Re-fills can be done up to 1x as we consider the health and hygiene of your original lashes. 

Eyelash Removal

1. Removal of Remaining lashes: $10

2. Removal of Full Extensions (made from single strands) from other salons: $20 

3. Removal of Cluster/Bundle Extensions from other salons: $30

Eyelash Removal


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