Brow Tinting

It does not imply side effects on normal conditions. However, it should not be done on contra-indicated condition such as allergies to components, eczema, skin inflammations, hyper-sensitivity skin and unwell customers.

Brow Tint on hair lasts up to 6 weeks. However, skin stain with cream tint is weaker when compared to henna. It lasts between 3-5 days on the skin. Tinting is recommended for customers with more hair on the brows.

Actual Brow tinting procedure takes only 15mins. However, have included in our service Brow Architecture to craft a set of brows that flatter your facial features, and hair removal after tinting to neaten your brows. The full procedure will take about 45mins to 1 hour. 

Brow tinting is a cream-based pigment working on Smart Coloring System which uses nano-molecules to dye evenly on hair. Tinting works mainly on dyeing hair which effects last longer on hair. 

Brow tinting is known as a “Chemical” dye. Where it penetrates through hair cuticles into the cortex zone. Hence, this allows the pigment to last longer on hair. 

At Carragheen, we use BrowXenna® O2 Smart Coloring System which not only works as a dye, but also a treatment for the hair at the same time. Care complex consist of silk, oats, keratin, betaine, panthenol and urea. Unlike other pigment dyes, it gives a soft coloring effect and smooth glow to the hair. 

We also have a training academy providing Brow Courses for professionals.