Wow Brows

It does not imply side effects on normal conditions. However, it should not be done on contra-indicated conditions such as allergies to components, eczema, skin inflammations, hyper-sensitivity skin and unwell customers.

Yes! It is highly recommended if you’re looking to have well-groomed and tinted brows 24/7. Please allow additional time of 15 minutes to 20 minutes for the add on service.

Longevity effects on the hair last up to 6 weeks.

Treatment time is as short as 30mins for a full Wow Brows procedure. 

Wow Brows includes a complimentary brow shaping to leave you looking well styled. 

Similar with the procedure of lash lifting, Wow brows (a.k.a Brow Lift or Brow Lamination) is a semi-permanent form of lifting droopy, stubborn or curly brows. It is a long-term styling effect which last up to 6 weeks. 

It brings on the facial features with a more energetic look. You may now freely style your brows by just combing them and say “goodbye” to brow styling gel. 

Carragheen uses BrowXenna® O2 Smart Coloring System which not only works as a dye, but also as a treatment for the hair. It’s Care Complex consist of silk, oats, keratin, betaine, panthenol and urea. Unlike other pigment dyes, it gives a soft coloring effect and smooth glow to the hair. 

We also have a training academy providing Brow Courses for professionals.