Jyunka Blanc

Desire bright, fair, dewy and healthy-looking skin? The Jyunka V Blanc takes you one step closer to achieving the goal of soft porcelain glowing skin. 

Jyunka V Blanc is the premier brightening and whitening treatment which uses scientific advancements to push the boundaries of active ingredient results, while placing the long-term health and safety of the skin as top priority. Combined with Jyunka V Technology, this treatment is most effective on lightening stubborn pigmentation such as age spots, melasma and scar marks. The entire facial landscape is significantly brighter, more luminous and fairer.

Clinical study using the active ingredients on 41 candidates after 4 sessions fortnightly, results showed 83% lighter skin, 78% even complexion and 93% brighter skin.

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Jyunka Blanc

Key Benefits

  • Reduces stains and marks
  • Provides lightening effects
  • Reduces skin blotchiness from sensitivity
  • Conditions uneven skin tone


  • Deep Cleansing with 5-in-1 Gel Cleanser which also softens and hydrates skin
  • Exfoliation with Purify Cleanser removes dead skin
  • Thorough removal of impurities with Epidermal Peel 
  • Mild extraction and brow shaping
  • Stimulus massage with Blanc Whitening Essence Mist
  • Electroporation with anti-aging and firming serum gel restores hydration and firming effect on skin tissue
  • Specialty Mask : Blanc Mask with main active ingredients of Mulberries, Vitamin C, and grape extracts, brightens and gives a fair and calm complexion 
  • Cryotherapy, a cold compress procedure at between -8 to -12 degree effectively soothes and tightens skin 
  • Pampering hands, shoulder, neck and scalp massage
  • Finish with gentle Laser for anti-bacterial purpose and to further reduce redness on skin (if any)

Suitable For

  • Pigmented, dull and uneven skin tone
  • Stains from scar marks


$288, 120 mins (2 machine works)

(First Trial 50% off)


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