Jyunka Purify

Congested skin can lead to acne, pimples, extreme dryness, flaking skin, increased sensitivity and/or light to severe black or white heads. No skin should remain uncomfortable, clogged and inflamed. JYUNKA V Purify treatment will provide deep cleansing of embedded debris, removes excess sebum, thoroughly desensitizes, softens and hydrates the skin.

Quick, fast and effective. Using advanced technologies to calm, disinfect, remove dead skin and impurities; the difference in the skin condition is truly immediate. The result is a brighter, cleaner, smoother and softer skin.

Do note that varying severities of congestion will require different intervals of treatments.

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Jyunka Purify

Key Benefits

  • Deep pore cleansing
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Reduces acne inflammation
  • Reduces skin sensitivity
  • Regulates skin sebum production


  • Deep cleansing with 5-in-1 Gel Cleanser which also softens and hydrates the skin
  • Exfoliation with Purify Cleanser to remove dead skin
  • Thorough removal of impurities with Epidermal Peel 
  • Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber for deep pore cleansing 
  • Mild Extraction and brow shaping.
  • Electroporation with desensitizing serum gel restores hydration
  • Purify Mask regulates sebum and reduces inflammation
  • Cryotherapy, a cold compress procedure at between -8 to -12 degree effectively soothes and tightens skin 
  • Specialty Mask : SOS Extreme Mask with main active ingredients including Cranberries and GlucoEmpreinte, calms irritation immediately and deeply hydrates the skin
  • Pampering hands, shoulder, neck and scalp massage
  • Finish with gentle laser treatment for anti-bacterial purposes and to further reduce redness on the skin

Suitable For

  • Congested Skin
  • Oily Skin


$280, 120 mins (2 machine works)

$230, 90 mins (manual works)


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