Lash Lift/Filler

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Treat your lashes to look longer and fuller without mascara or curler. Open up your lashes with natural looking curls, blinking has never been more fun!

Lash Tinting  

Achieve an illusion of thicker, darker natural lashes with a Lash Tint! Recommended as a add-on service with a Lash Lift to create the perfect mascara effect. Top up this service at only $20. 

Lash Filler 

Filler for the lash? Yes, you heard us right!
Achieve thicker, longer and darker lashes with our Lash Filler treatment and witness the results after just 1 session!

Lash Filler not only lifts or curls your lashes, it also provide a nourishing treatment for the lashes with a combination of collagen, oil and proteins. The treatment is finished with lash tint which gives an extra boost to the thickness of the lashes.


Lash Lift/Filler


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