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Lash Lift


Our consultant will understand your preference and choose the right type of curl that best suits you!

L curl - flat silicone rod (Suitable for most eyes and lashes)

D curl - round silicone rod (Suitable for short lashes and hooded eyes)

Lash Lift/Filler

Lash Lift - $88 (First Trial $68)

Treat your lashes to look longer and fuller without mascara or curler. Open up your lashes with natural-looking curls, blinking has never been more fun!

Lash Tinting - $20 (Ala Carte)

Achieve an illusion of thicker, darker natural lashes with a Lash Tint! Recommended as an add-on service with a Lash Lift to create the perfect mascara effect. Top up this service at only $10.

Lash Filler - $148 (First Trial 30%)

Filler for the lash? Yes, you heard us right!
Achieve thicker, longer, and darker lashes with our Lash Filler treatment and witness the results after just 1 session!

Lash Filler not only lifts or curls your lashes, but also provides a nourishing treatment for the lashes with a combination of collagen, oil, and proteins. The treatment is finished with lash tint which gives an extra boost to the thickness of the lashes.

ADD-ON service: Lower Lash Lift - $48

Lash Lift/Filler


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