Mesoporation Bojin Facial

First in Singapore, adopting the concept of TCM with modern technology delivers results beyond Bojin.

What is Bojin Therapy?

Bojin is an ancient TCM technique that shares similar principles with guasha. Bojin works deeper into the muscles with the use of a rounded tool. Combining the TCM knowledge of meridian channels and meridian points, the twiddling action unblocks clogged meridian channels and relieves tense tendons and ligaments. It also helps to effectively treat imbalances on the skin's surface which shows as signs of imbalance internally.

With enhanced electro-pulse stimulation, it sends signals to stimulate deeper and penetrates cosmetics active ingredients. Asides from TCM health benefits, beauty effects are also achieved with a sculpted V-lift.

Bojin Facial Treatment Benefits | Carragheen

Mesoporation Bojin Facial

The ultimate to-go-for treatment that combines the goodness of Mesoporation, TCM Meridian Point, Bojin Therapy, and Argireline Lifting Mask.

What is Mesoporation?

Mesoporation, also known as Electroporation, is a technology developed to enable active products to penetrate the skin by applying microcurrents to the skin.

Another uniqueness of the technology is that the electro-pulses transmit through the skin, at the same time triggering nerves that are connected to the muscles to contract.

This action leads to a facial "workout" over 42 facial muscles like face gym.

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Before & After Bojin Facial Treatment Singapore | Carragheen

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