Natural Eyelash

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Classic Natural 

Want to go natural? Eyelash Extensions with subtle length and volume like a light mascara effect brighten your eyes with an eyeliner effect. Classic Natural eyelash extensions is best for your day to day look. 

No. of Lashes: Up to 120 eyelashes for a pair of eyes 

Volume Unlimited

For an added volume, wear the look of timeless elegance from dawn to dusk with Volume Unlimited eyelash extensions. Perfect for any occasion, this set gives your eyes added definition with a mild eyeliner effect! 

No. of Lashes: Strand by Strand unlimited eyelashes for a pair of eyes

Natural series eyelash extensions comes in 0.12mm, 0.15mm, or 0.20mm. 

$115 / $135

Natural Eyelash


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