Personal Blend Treatment

Carragheen's Personal Blend Treatment is specially tailored to suit each individual's skin concerns and condition after an in-depth consultation and skin analysis. All skincare products used during the treatment are specially selected to ensure the most optimum results after your very first session. 

If you are unsure which treatments are suitable for your skin condition, this customised gentle yet effective treatment will be an ideal option to improve your overall skin quality. 

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Personal Blend Treatment


  • Prep skin with choice of cleanser to soften and soothe skin texture
  • Gentle Light Peel exfoliates dead cells for better skin care absorption
  • Mild extraction on blackheads (optional)
  • Perform skin conditioning with choice of machine work
  • Finish with customised mask to soothe skin and prevent inflammation 
  • Pampering massage on shoulder, neck and scalp

Suitable For

  • All skin types 


$98, 90 minutes 

Applicable to first-time customers only


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