Formula Body Contour

Size: Box of 60 Capsules

A Vegan Product

Plant-based nutritional supplement for weight control. 

Say goodbye to extra weight and cellulite with Formula 2 - Body Contour. Thanks to the natural active ingredients of fucus, birch, and burdock, the body contour formula provides the necessary impulse to purify and support the body while reducing your weight in a healthy way over the long term.

  • Fucus (100mg) - metabolic stimulant and featured in numerous slimming remedies. 
  • Burdock (410mg) - cleanses the blood, activates the biliary digestion and improves allergic skin reactions. 
  • Birch (410mg) - cleanses body toxic, has emectory effects without irritating the kidney and other organs, helps for oedema and cellulitis.

Please read the instructions on the package regarding dosage and how to apply.