Fad or Fab: Korean 7 Skin Method

With numerous beauty hacks and trends that have been surfacing on the internet, we all wonder which work and which are simply not worth the hype. This had led us to create this series where we put the various beauty trends to the test and determine if they live up to the hype.

In this article, we will be trying out the 7 Skin Method that was trending intensely in South Korea last year. It is a skincare method created to achieve the coveted Korean Glass Skin – in which the skin looks perfectly smooth, glowing, dewy and seemingly translucent.


If you are wondering why it is called the 7 Skin Method, toners are commonly referred to as “Skins” in Korea.

Hence, this method basically involves layering a light hydrating toner or essence on the skin in succession 7 times. The idea is to increase the amount of moisture in the skin minus the heaviness or greasiness that come with moisturizers and creams. The 7 Skin method also claims to plump up the skin due to the immense hydration the skin receives.

Our guess on why this method might work would be the fact that toners are pH balancing. When the skin is pH balanced, skincare products can be better absorbed by the skin.



  1. Starting off with freshly cleansed skin, apply the first round of toner on to a cotton pad and sweep it across the face. This step is to thoroughly cleanse and remove any leftover makeup residue or dirt on the skin.
  2. Pat the toner into the skin with your hands for the 2nd to 7th application, making sure that the skin is still moist and not completely dry before the next application.
  3. Voila! You’re done!

Important Note: Use only gentle toners or essences that do not contain any alcohol. Astringents that contain alcohol will lead to dryness and irritation.



The skin is soft to the touch and it feels very hydrated! The skin looks more luminous, dewy and looks like it’s glowing from within. The lightweight and thin texture of the mist made it extremely easy for it to be absorbed into the skin. Even after applying multiple layers, the skin does not feel heavy or greasy.

We chose Jyunka Blanc Whitening Mist for this test. It contains a synergistic blend of seven alpine plants (mallow, mint, primrose, lady’s mantle, veronica, balm and yarrow) which has the capacity to even out the complexion and reduce age spots. This mist also aids in inhibiting the formation of pigmentation at the skin’s deeper layers – yay to fairer skin!


Our verdict?



Yes, the 7 Skin Method definitely works to rehydrate the skin to make tired skin glow again. It can be used as a hydration boost when your skin is looking dehydrated or dull.

And the best part? We are using only 1 product instead of a gazillion hydrating products!

Try this skincare routine out with toners and essences that come with hydrating or brightening properties to further boost the results! Let us know if this trend worked for you as well as it did for us in the comments!